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Back Handsprings: The Secret Techniques
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Gymnastics Instruction: How to Do a Back Handspring

One of the key elements to both gymnastics and cheerleading is the ability to do a back
handspring. To make the Level 4 gymnastics team you must have a back handspring. To
be on an advanced competitive cheer squad you must have strong tumbling, which means
strong back handspring techniques.

In both gymnastics and tumbling for cheerleading, safety is the key element so tumbling
mats should always be used to minimize injury to ankles and wrists. Tumbling mats for kids
at home or athletes at workout can be purchased through GMR Gymnastics Supply.

A back handspring is a tumbling move that should be practiced under the supervision and
guidance of a qualified gymnastics instructor. Back handspring techniques will not be
mastered overnight. Whether gymnast or cheerleader, your child will need to enroll in a
program of gymnastics instruction for several weeks or months to practice her tumbling on
tumbling mats and other specialized equipment like Tumbl-Trak’s and trampolines, down
wedge mats, and over foam barrels.

You will find more information on basic tumbling skills and lead-up drills in the books:

Back Handsprings: The Secret Techniques,


Cheerleading: Conditioning for Back Handspring
and Tumbling Success!
101 Ways to Increase Class Enrollment...
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